The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive requires the yearly publication of an integrated report according to a double materiality logic, disclosing information according to the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). Those standards are designed to make Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) reporting wihthin thee EU more accurate, consistent, comparable, and standardized. They provide clear information on how a company should report their initiatives, metrics, and progress towards achieving sustainability targets.

Reporting with this level of information requires good preparation and a strong sustainability governance. Indeed, companies have to disclose their ESG performance by identifying material topics and measuring their impacts, whilst ensuring stakeholder involvement, and collecting accurate data. All departments within an organization will somehow be affected this, which is why we recommend integrating a sustainability coordination within the organizational model.

According to the companies sustainability and data maturity, we recommend a tailor-made approach around 4 main steps :

  • Build awareness on sustainability in general and specefic topics
  • Define your sustainability ambition, based on the internal and external analysis and build a roadmap to foster value creation
  • Realize the Sustainability Roadmap by implementing "quick wins", Sustainability Program governance management and delivering projects
  • Develop internal and external communication material, incl. Sustainability Report


Demonstrate Commitment

Demonstrating the company's commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, and demonstrating improvement over time

Improve Transparency

  Improving transparency and trust with investors and stakeholders, and guide them to take the most informed decisions.

Identify Improvements

Analysing deeper the impact of your company and identifying clearly the areas for improvement, optimization and concrete impact, that should guide your strategy

Create Opportunities

Develop more innovative, sustainable products and services that result in increased sales

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