Sustainability is soon the new normal,
an undisputable topic in your future-proof strategy

It is time to incorporate Sustainability into your core strategy:

  • Increasing consciousness of the impact of economic growth on society
  • National & international agreements, directives and guidelines provide opportunities and constraints
  • Rising requirements from organizations and people

It is necessary to take responsibility and to act NOW

There is a strong need to rethink and reinvent businesses & organizations, with a balance between People, Planet and Profit

Let’s start your sustainability journey
We assist your organization from the definition of its sustainable ambitions to its execution

Where are you now, and where do you want to go?

        Source: University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Once you know where you want to go, we help you in the execution of your transformation.
We focus on the human(ity) in your journey!
We effectively bridge economical and societal impacts with our multidisciplinary team and pragmatic approach.
Our offerings
Sustainability Ambition 
To challenge your mission and values we can assist you with the definition of your sustainability ambition and build a roadmap to foster your value creation!
SDG’s Alignment 
We can help you anchor the Sustainable Development Goals into your organization to strengthen a future-proof sustainability-centric culture in your company.
We use an interactive card game, to keep it fun and concrete!
Circular Economy Awareness 
Through a professional board game “Risk & Race  we can support you to develop awareness and identify potential circular economy initiatives within your organization. 
Orchestrate the execution 
Assure the program or project management of  your sustainability idea from A to Z to ensure the realization of the sustainability objectives, for example on Net Zero, Gender Equality,  Sustainable IT or other.
… see our specific offerings from our other service lines: CustomerOperationsFinanceBusTech - Human

Typical projects

Support the company in the creation of a 10-year plan to replace all public lighting by LED technology by optimizing processes, defining the supporting target-organization and required systems adaptations

Implementation of a new mobility policy and platform allowing our employees to access a wider, more flexible and more sustainable mobility offer

Redefine the mission and vision in order to create a shared corporate identity, identify core values allowing to reach the mission and anchor these values in the company culture

Pro bono
Provide pro bono advice to NGOs or social enterprises on a wide range of issues related to our expertise 
Our Internal Sustainability Plan

Because we walk the talk and create ourselves the sustainability wave, we have launched sustngage, an internal group of ngagers working together to bring a sustainable twist to external and internal ngage activities.
Our internal journey

Our goal is to become bcorp certified by Q3 2022. By doing this we will embark our employees, and our whole ecosystem on the sustainability journey !
SDGs are an important tool that we have decided to use in this endeavor. All ngagers contribute to select and act upon the selected SDGs. This exercise is done using the SDG Compass guide.
In parallel, we are evaluating ngagers current internal knowledge on sustainable topics and building a Learning and Development journey to ensure top of the line delivery on our future projects !

Our Sustngage team
Our partnerships