Operational Excellence

We STREAMLINE processes to optimize organizations

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Operational Excellence allows your company to meet internal
  • Build a shared and comprehensive process library
  • Improve productivity and business efficiency
  • Increase profitability
  • Support strategic objectives with strong operational management
  • Reduce stress and improve the working environment
  There are new competitive advantage opportunities  
  • Boost the quality of product or service
  • Improve customer experience
  • Leverage on new existing technologies

Some insights &

of companies believe that BPM processes and technologies have helped their
organizations accomplish their goals – (Source: BP Trends)

BPR enables enterprises to cut costs by up to 30%
(Source: Bain)

of organizations say they are doing process work to reduce costs or improve productivity
(Source: BP Trends)

 of managers say their organizations are at least piloting the automation of processes in one or more business units or functions  (Source: McKinsey)

Our approach to Operational Excellence

At ngage, we deliver value by building a tailor-made approach working on 5 pillars that are differently integrated to address your specific context & objectives.


Our offerings

Process management

Improve processes documentation & implementation and their management framework, set-up monitoring and liaise with Business Continuity Plan.
Improvement & reengineering

D efine and implement target-processes in line with your objectives, analyze the impact on functions, organization and qualify applicative consequences (including data).
Digitalization & automation

Approach processes with a business and technology mix and optimize them based on relevant technology (RPA, AI,…).
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If you want to receive an external point of view on your processes, take one of our short assessments related to Operational Excellence (e.g. Diagnostic on a specific process, Gap analysis to achieve expected objectives).

We help you to deliver tangible results and lasting impacts


Review processes in order to   increase profitability and    competitiveness, lower risks   and ensure lean principles are   applied.
Manage processes to support strategy execution including critical transformation program. Ensure strategic and operational decisions are based on relevant business metrics.
    Improve customer & employee journey
Improve customer experience and brand credibility while ensuring the smooth running of activities in employees' day-to-day work.

Typical projects

Energy Distributor  

Preparation of the company for a 10-year plan to replace all public lighting by LED technology by optimizing processes, defining the supporting target-organization and required systems adaptations. 


Reorganization in the Finance Department to optimize transversal processes, clarify roles and responsibilities, reinforce team collaboration and well-being at work as well as improve the quality of services towards the University Community


Implementation of a new Target Operating Model by changing the Organizational Structure, redesigning the key business processes and making a new organization implementation roadmap.

Energy supplier

Reinforcement of customer-centricity during an ERP system's upgrade. ngage ensured business processes simplification, customer satisfaction improvements and cross channel coherence & integrity in line with M&S Retail channel strategy.

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