Industry 4.0

We aim to provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of cloud-related services with the goal of helping them optimize and organize their operations more competitively in the rapidly evolving world of Industry 4.0. 

Industry 4.0 refers to the 4th industrial revolution that is characterized by integrating advanced technologies such as cloud adoption, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, big data analytics, internet of things (IoT), machine learning (ML), virtual reality (VR), and so on. The integration hereof has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate by creating major improvements when it comes to the general innovation, efficiency, accessibility, and productivity. There are however some challenges and risks like skills development, budgetary constraints, cyber threats, interoperability and standardization of systems or ethical implications.

The approach we have is tailored and without constraints, meaning that we will evaluate the entire landscape and want to fully understand the business and ecosystem wherein the clients operate. The main pillars of focus are cloud awareness and cloud strategy definition, with underlined assumptions on adoption, efficiency, cost, scalability and security.  


Cloud Awareness

Educating employees on the benefits and risks associated with cloud adoption and deployment. 

Sensitivity & Gap analysis 

Doing a sensitivity and gap analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses within an organization so that adequate trainings and workshops can be organized. 

Change Management Trainings

Providing tailored sessions to ensure onboarding to cloud solutions, migrations, deployments, etc. is understood properly on all levels. 

Cloud Strategy Definition

Help define a cloud strategy by identifying key business drivers, assessing current infrastructure, creating a deployment roadmap and selecting the right providers. 

How ngage can help?

Our goal is to help avoid unnecessary costs while assuming more ambitious revenues. 

We aim to realize so not by simply cutting costs or being unrealistic, rather by providing guidance towards a direction that improves the organization as a whole and by striving for a setting that dictates a forward-looking mindset.

It is therefore crucial that the entire organization and all its stakeholders are aware and aligned on the appropriate measures. 

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Establish the understanding within an organization that they are as strong as their weakest link. The cyber security aspects revolving around Cloud adoption are in that sense very much intertwined. 

Cloud adoption brings advantages regarding the sustainability strategy of an organization. Nonetheless, it remains crucial to factor in a roadmap regarding digital waste, which would cancel out advantages on sustainability if not implemented properly. 

Migrations to the cloud are ubiquitous and full adoption is assumed to be inevitable in the not so far future. For organizations to remain efficient and stay competitive within their industry it is therefore detrimental to enact in advance upon future assumptions related to data strategies and frameworks.