Digital Strategy - Cybersecurity Risk Management 

Ask 99% of cyber practitioners, they’ll tell you that cybersecurity risk management is the absolute basis for a solid cybersecurity protection.

But what does that mean?

Simple. Cybersecurity risk management entails an assessment and a treatment.
The assessment makes you answer 3 crucial questions:

1.     What assets should you protect?
2.     What threats should your assets be protected from?
3.     What measures are needed to protect from those threats?

Know what to do? Let’s build a treatment plan, then get things moving!

What are the advantages?

Mitigate Threats

You’ll mitigate threats, possibly preventing future attacks or limiting the impact of any successful attack

Avoid Costs

You’ll avoid costs related to incidents, breaches, unavailability or reputational damage

Focus Resources

You’ll focus your resources where they are needed the most

Increase Resilience

You’ll increase your cyber resilience

Comply with Regulatory Obligations

You’ll comply with regulatory obligations like the EU-directive NIS (2)

Improve Trust

You’ll improve the trust from your clients and partners

How ngage can help?

First risk management exercise? We’ll be happy to guide you with a pragmatic approach and framework (ISO, NIST, EBIOS,...) that fits your organisation. You’ll decide after the risk assessment if you want to perform the risk treatment internally or with our support.
You’ve done a risk management exercise in the past? We are happy to provide a fresh perspective with knowledge of relevant threats.
In any case, our star team is keen to make a positive impact and we’ll make sure the benefits outlive our engagement.
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