Energy Strategy

An energy strategy for a company is a long-term plan that outlines how a company intends to manage and utilize energy resources in a way that is consistent with its business objectives and takes into account the changing landscape of energy production and consumption. 

Energy transition is the global effort to shift from traditional energy systems, which rely heavily on fossil fuels, towards a more sustainable, diverse and resilient energy mix, based on renewable and low-carbon sources of energy. 

At ngage we are convinced that onboarding in the Energy Transition requires an integrated approach, embracing the complex interplay between technology, systems, processes and human interactions while also maintaining economic viability and competitiveness.

Our focus at ngage is to assist clients in defining a comprehensive energy strategy that takes into account all aspects of the transition. Our Energy Transition offering provides extensive guidance on how to establish a target energy mix and shape your energy investment plans that ensure an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy supply for your business operations. We aim to help you navigate the intricate interplay between technology, systems, processes, and human interactions while also ensuring economic viability and competitiveness. 


Energy Management Strategy 
Target Mix Definition
Consumption Review
Investment Strategy 
Sourcing & Market Strategy

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