Phygital Customer Experience

In today's "phygital" world, where customers interact with businesses in both physical and digital environments, providing an unparalleled customer experience has become a top priority. Customers demand a flawless and cohesive experience across all channels, necessitating a consistent level of service across all touchpoints.

A phygital customer experience (PCX) refers to how customers perceive their interactions with your organization, across stages and touchpoints both physical and digital. Phygital refers to the merging of the physical and digital worlds to create a more immersive and engaging experience.
Delivering a superior phygital customer experience is essential for building customer loyalty, gaining a competitive advantage, increasing revenue, reducing costs, and building a positive brand reputation. 
We help our clients to design, execute and measure superior phygital customer experiences, fundamentally changing the way they engage and interact with customers.


 Customer Value Proposition

A customer value proposition (CVP) describes the rational and emotional benefits of your desired phygital customer experience, building on your company’s vision, mission, USP and brand personality. 


Customer Journey Design

 Mapping, designing, and configuring customer journeys, enabled by smart technology, is key to cut through the complexity of the phygital reality, bring your CVP to life and unlock long-term customer value. 


CX Transformation
Bringing your desired phygital customer experience to life, requires: aligning communication and touchpoints, training staff, setting up governance , streamlining processes, revisiting value propositions,…


Closed-loop Feedback
A closed-loop feedback system allows you to continuously measure the quality of your customer experiences and facilitates immediate service recovery and targeted promoter activation.

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