Together we support your company in stopping and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions produced in your value chain to reach your company’s targets and to achieve a decarbonized and sustainable society. 

Over the past few years, we witnessed several extreme weather events around the globe and global temperatures keep on rising. Sadly, those years were probably the coldest of the rest of our lives. 

It’s safe to say that Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge the world has ever faced, but we can do something about it.Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is on top of the actions to undertake. 

It’s an absolute necessity (even if not sufficient) for a successful ecological transition. Businesses are both at the heart of the problem by being large emitters and at the heart of the solution by having a key role to play to reach a low-carbon economy and society. 

In addition to the climate and environmental emergency, several other reasons motivate organizations to engage in a process to reduce their emissions:
  • complying with regulations and reporting requirements
  • reducing costs through energy efficiency and optimization
  • reducing risk by transitioning away from fossil fuels and developing a future-proofed business model
  • attracting and retaining customers who value sustainability
  • obtaining certification and strengthening your brand image and reputation amongst your stakeholders
  • accessing to new markets


Execution & monitoring of the carbon accounting

In order to know how to make your carbon footprint lighter, it is essential to know where you are today, how big is your footprint and where we can step off the gas. This will help you implement actions that really work and have the most impact.

Definition & execution of your Low-Carbon strategy

We use the 2 globally recognized methodologies (SBTi© and ACT©) and their set of tools and approaches in a complementary way to support you in setting short and long-term targets (based on science) to cope with the expectations of 2°C trajectory and the associated transition plan

Assessment of your Low-Carbon strategy

ngage experts are available to assess the credibility of companies' climate strategies and the consistency of their commitments. You will compare your scorecard with your sectorial benchmark, identify risk of your transition plan and gain insights to establish a future-proofed business model

Customised workshops

All along your journey, we can also help you raising awareness and training of your employees to the challenges of decarbonization


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