ngage announces the appointment of 4 new Directors

Brussels, 13th of January 2020, ngage announces the appointment of 4 new Directors

ngage - founded in 2009 - aspires since the start to be recognized as management consultants with a human twist, delivering excellence and enriching journeys to its clients.

In order to support its continuous growth, both in Belgium and in Luxemburg, ngage appoints four new Directors, who join the current Directors, François-Xavier Page, Christophe Haulet & Gérald Jacqmin, bringing the total number to seven.

Thierry Claes, Commercial Engineer, Solvay Business School ULB, started his career in 1998 at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Financial Audit and Global Risk Management Solutions. In 2004, Thierry leaves for Delhaize where he took the lead over the Internal Audit department for Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany. Before leaving Delhaize in 2008 to embrace a freelancer consultant career he was leading the Financial Processes and System Team. Thierry joins ngage at the end of 2016, in his new role, Thierry will continue as the Lead of the Finance & ERP Practice.

Frédéric Butaye, Commercial Engineer - Louvain School of Management, started his career in 2007, after a year as volunteer in a NGO in Bolivia. As consultant at Accenture, he worked for several customers in Financial Services industry. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to join ngage in 2010, where he conducted various projects in Belgium, France and Hungary. Frédéric Butaye will be responsible for some of the major accounts, mainly in Utilities industry, as well as the DNA of the company.

Valérie Piquemal, Expert in Customer Experience - started her career in 1995 in London before joining Accenture in 1996 in Luxembourg. In 2001, she participated in the setup of a management consultancy specialized in Customer Relationship Management. In 2016, she started to work for an insurance company as Head of Customer Experience before joining ngage in April 2019. Valérie Piquemal will be in charge of developing the management consulting activities in Luxemburg.

Johan Groffen, Commercial Engineer - Solvay Business School VUB, started his career in 2000 at Accenture within the Telecom, High Tech and Media industry. In 2010 he becomes General Manager of before he starts, 2 years later, his own online printing company. At the end of 2018 he joins ngage. Johan Groffen will act as Technology Lead and focus on business development in Flanders.

The seven Directors of the ngage Executive Team - called NExT - will continue to embody the company core values and offer an inspiring, innovative and fun work environment for its consultants and partners with a strong focus on results for the Client.

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