How is the automobile industry aspiring to evolve?

automobile [ aw-tuh-muh-beelaw-tuh-muh-beel, aw-tuh-moh-beel, -buhl ]
a passenger vehicle designed for ordinary roads and typically having four wheels and a gasoline, diesel internal-combustion engine or electric powered engine.

Nowadays the automotive industry affects (almost) each and every one of us. Habits ingrained from the credo “my car, my freedom” and seemed destined to endure over time no longer seem to be. Yet this should not surprise us... human beings will always aspire to evolve.

But where are we coming from?

I would not start with history but rather bring insights or points of view that are valid today.

The first successful automobile story brings us back to the year 1886. It is then that a certain Carl Benz receives a German patent for his invention of the first automobile powered by an internal combustion engine. Ten years later the commercial production of automobiles began in the USA. By the time of the second world war most of the resources of car manufacturers were funneled towards military usage, which worked as an innovation accelerator. After the second world war automobile productions soared in Europe and Japan.

The car became available to everyone and thus safety had to improve. Both the infrastructure and in the car itself. In 1959 Volvo came out with the three-point seatbelt which revolutionized the automotive industry. The 1970s were some rough years for automakers with multiple events which impacted the industry, such as the 1973 oil crisis and stricter emission control. Despite the challenges the number of cars kept growing and more and higher safety standards were once again needed, and this led to the implementation of the airbag and the ABS system.

The car manufacturers needed to adapt and re-invent themselves constantly to stay on top of all these events. The automotive industry has always been an evolving and fast-moving sector. Today market trends and evolutions are speeding up even more. New challenges and trends are taking a significant place on the automotive market.

Based on what we observed with our clients, at ngage, we identified 6 major trends:

Mobility Trends 

The automotive market is well aware of these trends and challenges and all actors have set the wheels in motion to turn these challenges into opportunities.

Are you interested in the tendencies of the automotive industry, then stay tuned for more articles in which we will deep dive on each of these tendencies!

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Authors:  Adrien Dooremont,  Matthias Van den Eynde & Gloria Zuijderhoff

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