Discover our new Mobility Roundtable Whitepaper

Executive summary

Mobility concerns all of us as it is a broad topic with a large social, environmental and economical impact. But mobility is broader than just moving from one place to another. It affects us at many levels and has – amongst others - big environmental and financial impacts. In October 2020, the Belgian Federal government De Croo I published a new federal agreement, highlighting the cornerstones and ambitions for the coming years. This publication was the trigger for our mobility experts to raise some questions about the ambitions stated?

ngage organized a round table on the topic bringing together a group of market players.

This whitepaper highlights the major insights and conclusions discussed during our Mobility Roundtable, where participants and our ngage mobility experts debated on 3 major topics:

  • Does the federal agreement set the framework for a Belgian MaaS solution?
  • To what extend is mobility a means for cleaner energy?
  • Which opportunities are provided by the federal agreement?


Sven Leen, Gaetan Van Lierde, Gaetan Mondet, Frederic Butaye, Johan Groffen 9 February 2021
Project key takeaways: how to embark a public real estate company on an operational improvement journey?