How can AI help you anticipate your customers' payment issues, reduce bad debts and prioritize your collection efforts?

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ngage is glad to invite you to our free Webinar on March 24th from 10:30 to 12:00, to show you how Artificial Intelligence-powered software can help your company manage its receivables portfolio and optimize its working capital in these difficult times

As Business Integrator,
ngage aims to bridge business needs with technology and to ensure both process & tool adoptions.

In our continuous journey to combine financial excellence & new technologies, we would like to introduce you to the solution of our technology partner AiVidens.

If you are a digital finance leader and you would like to know where to start with Artificial Intelligence, this session is for you.
Discover how Artificial Intelligence can help understand and integrate customer behaviors in existing cash and collection processes and therefore how to bridge the gap between strategies and execution.

In this live demonstration, we will show you how the award-winning AiVidens software can:

  • Assess the risk of your receivables portfolio and identify the real payment issues
  • Always be aware of events requiring immediate attention
  • Define the collection objectives and simulate the different possible strategies in order to obtain an optimum result.
  • Automate the proposal of actions according to the customer context.
  • Focus your efforts on the most impactful actions aligned with the strategy pursued.
  • Isolate customers or customer groups with atypical behavior and compare them to data from a given market segment.

This Webinar will be held on Wednesday March 24th, from 10:30 to 12:00 (GMT+1).

Our speakers:


As it is an open Webinar, please feel free to forward this invitation to any relevant contact or colleague.

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